Terms and conditions

Referral program

Our goal is to bring the world of cryptocurrencies to as many people as possible. We want you to help us to do it and therefore, we want to have a gesture with you. For this, we have developed a program in which, for every person you invite to the platform, register and use Earn90, you will earn rewards.

In order to obtain a code from the referral program, that person will have to be a Criptan user and meet the current requirements for referrals. If at any time the user ceases to be a user, he/she will no longer receive the benefits of his/her referrals, but the referrals will continue to receive the benefits as if the referring user were still active. There will always be two parties: the referring user and the referred user.

Benefits will only be obtained from the first generation of referrals, that is to say, a user will not be able to obtain benefits from the referrals to whom his own referrals refer.

To obtain the user code of the referral program, the user must go to the "Criptan Friends" section within the Criptan App, where he/she will be able to see the code.

The Referral Program will offer rewards to those Users who invite new Users. In this regard, they will receive a commission on the returns obtained on Earn products by those Users they refer, as follows:

  • 50% commission on the returns obtained by the referred User on their first deposit.
  • 10% commission on the returns obtained by the referred User on the rest of the deposits.

Commissions will be paid in the same cryptocurrency that the referred User receives their rewards, and in the following way:

  • The referring User will receive his commission at the same time as the referred User receives his rewards.

  • In the case of flexible deposits with a duration of more than one year, commission will only be earned on the first year's returns.

  • In the event that the referred User renews his first deposit, after such renewal the referring User will no longer get 50% commission, but 10%.

    In addition, there will be no limit of referred Users per User.

By participating in the program you agree to CRIPTAN informing both parties as follows:

  • CRIPTAN may inform both parties of the alias of the other person.
  • The purpose of this treatment is the proper execution of the referral program and the basis of legitimacy is the fulfillment of the contractual relationship between Criptan and the Users.
  • These data will not be transferred to third parties and no international transfers will be made.
  • You can exercise your rights of data protection via email:

The referral program is a benefit that Criptan grants voluntarily to the users. In any case, the rules and requirements to obtain benefits with the referral program can be modified or eliminated, at any time, if Criptan deems it necessary. In case of elimination of the referral program, all referral programs that were active will be suspended, although users who had balance available for having obtained rewards, will keep that balance and may redeem it at any time.

In case of modification of the referral program for a new one, the new program will apply in its entirety, regardless of whether there are active users benefiting from it. In these cases, the users who were already benefiting from the previous program will have the same rights as a new Criptan user and, in addition, they will be able to redeem the available balance they had in the previous referral program.