About Criptan

We seek to bring the world of cryptocurrencies closer to people in a straightforward and transparent way. To achieve this, we offer a safe, attractive product that provides real returns. Get the most out of your savings!

The vision that moves us

At Criptan, we would like to change the way people interact with money. The objective that moves us is to improve the current socio-economic model from the ground up.

One mission

We bring the world of cryptocurrencies closer to the general public, although always in a clear and understandable way. We leave aside complications and seek absolute security for all our clients.

Clear values

We act with maximum transparency, honesty and security. Everything we do has these values at its core. We are different and disruptive, which allows us to offer you innovative products and services.

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“He becomes the first signing in history in cryptocurrencies. Thanks to Criptan, our new sponsor, for making it possible”.

Por Rubén Fernández

8 Sep 2021

David Barral’s move to Segunda B side DUX Internacional de Madrid has been funded by cryptocurrency

Por Rubén Fernández

8 Sep 2021

The Bank of Spain has already included 17 virtual asset service providers in its own registry, in which cryptocurrency exchanges and custody providers must be listed to operate, according to Spanish law.

Por Rubén Fernández

8 Sep 2021

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