Adding and withdrawing funds

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To make a transfer, you need to go to your Criptan app, in the “Accounts” section, and select “Add funds” → € → Deposit. After clicking to read the terms and conditions, you will see Criptan’s IBAN for the deposit on the screen, along with instructions for the “Concept,” where you should include your registered phone number, including the international prefix.

Within 24 to 48 business hours (depending on the issuing bank), you will have your funds in your Criptan account, and we will notify you via email and the app.

In the case of an immediate transfer, for faster processing, please send an email to atencion@criptan.com once the transfer is completed

To link your IBAN to your user account and be able to withdraw € to it, you must send us an email to atencion@criptan.com from your registered email address, along with a certificate of account ownership that includes your full name and IBAN.

To make a € withdrawal, you have two options:

From the “Accounts” section, select the “More” button, and you can choose “Withdraw funds” by entering the withdrawal amount, as well as the option to select the IBAN to withdraw to if you have multiple ones.

It’s also possible to do it directly from “Accounts” → € → “Withdraw.” The withdrawal processing time is between 24 and 72 business hours.

From the “Accounts” section, you can select “Add funds” and choose the cryptocurrency you prefer (where you can copy, scan, or share the wallet address to receive funds), or you can go directly to the cryptocurrency you want to deposit and select “Receive” to access the same options.

Remember that you need to use the main network of each cryptocurrency:

  • BTC: Bitcoin mainnet
  • ETH: Ethereum network
  • USDC: Ethereum network
  • LTC: Litecoin mainnet

To make a withdrawal of your cryptocurrencies, you have two options:

From the “Accounts” section, select “More”, and you can choose “Withdraw funds”. At the top, you can choose the cryptocurrency to withdraw, the amount to send, and the destination wallet address, or you can scan it. Once confirmed, you will need to validate it through a security code (SMS or 2FA, depending on your configuration).

It’s also possible to do it directly from “Accounts” → select the cryptocurrency to withdraw → “Send”.

The execution time for a cryptocurrency withdrawal can vary depending on the transaction volume on the blockchain. Typically, they take a maximum of 2-3 hours.