Criptan Card

The Criptan Card is a debit card that allows you to pay directly with your cryptocurrencies in any establishment world-wide that accepts Mastercard.

Your Criptan Card is linked to your wallet, making it very easy to use. At the time of paying in any establishment, choose the currency you want to pay with and that’s it.

You can use your Criptan Card in any establishment world-wide that accepts Mastercard.

You can also use it for your e-commerce purchases or to withdraw money at ATMs.

The card has established spending limits by default, which can be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

The default limits are:

  • ATM withdrawal: €500/day
  • Online purchases: €500/day
  • Purchases in brick-and-mortar stores: €500/day

Any user who lives in Spain and has a DNI/NIE ID card.

You can apply for your Criptan Card in the “Card” section of the app. We will just need you to send us a proof of residency and fill out the submission form.

Currently we can only send the Criptan Card to users residing in Spain. That is why we require a proof of residency.

When you start the application process for your Criptan Card, you will see an orange “Upload proof of residency” button.

The process has two steps:

  • Upload a photo of your proof of residency document. You have two options to do this: attach an existing file on your phone or take a photo in the app.
  • Make a selfie video so that we can verify your identity.

The following documents are valid:

  • Electricity, gas, water, phone or internet bill.
  • Bank receipt.
  • Certificate of registration of residency.

The proof of residence must show full name and address and be less than 3 months old.

You will receive a physical card at the address you provide.

Once you receive the card, you can activate it from the app by going to the “Card” section and clicking the “Activate my Criptan Card” button.

During the card activation process you will need to add your phone number and you will be able to check out your PIN code by entering your login details.
You’ll be able to check your PIN anytime you need it.

For every purchase you make with your Criptan Card, you will earn 1% cashback on your balance in euros (€)

Get in touch with our support team either through chat or by writing to atencion@criptan.com.

We recommend canceling the card through the app and contacting our support team either through chat or by writing to atencion@criptan.com.