Buying and selling cryptocurrencies

At Criptan, we focus on supporting and giving visibility to safe, well-known projects, steering clear of speculation. For that reason we work with the core cryptocurrencies. We have Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and USDC, a stablecoin with a fixed value.

Stablecoins guarantee exchange rate stability. In the case of the USDC, the guarantee is established by linking its value to the value of the US dollar. In other words, 1 USDC = $1

From the “Wallet” screen, choose the cryptocurrency that you want to buy. Once you have selected it, click “buy.”

Choose the amount, either in euros (€) or USDC (depending on the region where you live), or in the cryptocurrency you are going to purchase.

Select the payment option, accept the terms and conditions and click “buy.”

Enter the code that you will receive by SMS to confirm the transaction.

All set! You will receive an email with the details of the transaction and you can also view them in the Transaction history.

From the “Wallet” screen, select the cryptocurrency that you want to sell and click “sell.” Add the amount either in euros (€) or USDC (depending on the region where you live), or in the cryptocurrency you are going to sell and choose the currency that you want to convert it into (if you live outside of the eurozone, you can only convert it into USDC).

After accepting the terms and conditions, click “sell” and enter the code sent via SMS to confirm the transaction.

No hay mínimo en cuanto a transferencias en € (Fiat) ni en compras/ventas de Criptomonedas. Las compras y ventas de criptomonedas están limitadas a 30.000€ por operación. Para operaciones superiores a los 50.000€ tenemos el servicio OTC/Premium a tu disposición.

There is no minimum on transfers made in euros (fiat) nor on purchases or sales of cryptocurrencies. Purchases and sales of cryptocurrencies are limited to €30,000. For transactions above €50,000 we have the OTC/Premium service at your disposal.

Criptan does not charge direct fees on transactions. However, purchase and sale prices have slight variations with respect to the market price (around 0.5%), which is applied in order to cover the operating expenses that Criptan undertakes for providing the service and for maintaining the exchange rate in spite of the volatility that the price may suffer at that moment, so that the operation for the user is as transparent as possible.