Criptan Friends: Referral program

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It’s Criptan’s referral program. It rewards both the referrer (who shares their code) and the referred person (who adds the code).

Firstly, to share your Criptan Friends code, you need to go to your profile in the Criptan App. In the Criptan Friends section, you can view your default code or create one in ‘customize my code.’ To share it, you can either copy it from the App or select ‘share my code.

For each person who registers with your code when creating their account and makes a deposit in Earn Flex, Earn 90, Earn 180, or Earn 360, you will receive 50% of the first 12 rewards generated by this initial deposit. Additionally, you will receive 10% of all rewards generated thereafter by this user. There is no limit to the number of referred users, so you can share your code as many times as you want.

Anyone who registers with your Criptan Friends code and makes a deposit in Earn 90, 180, or 360 will instantly receive a reward equivalent to 100% of the net total reward they will receive for the deposit made.

For example: If your referral deposits 1000 USDC in Earn 360, in addition to receiving 62.65 USDC net over 52 weeks, they will also receive an additional reward of the same amount, 62.65 USDC, at the time of the investment.

Maximum prizes in each currency:

– BTC: 0.5 BTC
– ETH: 6 ETH
– EUROC: 10000 EUR
– USDC: 10000 USDC