Our trusted partners
and why we choose them

At Criptan, we always work with trustworthy suppliers with extensive experience in the industry. Their high-quality standards help us to offer our clients everything they need.

Who are our trusted partners?

Custody of your assets

Custody of all the crypto assets of our clients is carried out through a multi-key system, protecting against any failure due to single access point. The custody of these assets in cold wallets is carried out by BitGo.

Auditing of smart contracts

Omniscia has audited and protected more than $65 billion. Thanks to them, we conduct an exhaustive quality audit of each of our smart contracts. It offers high levels of security and prevents possible attacks, as it performs a static analysis and a manual review, line by line, with a view to complying with the latest standards.

Legality and compliance

Officially, we are one of the few services approved and validated by the Bank of Spain as an authorized cryptocurrency service provider. We have submitted all the documentation, we comply with all the regulations in force and we are already in the final phase for this to happen.

Account monitoring

Thanks to Cointracking, we pass on the tax reports to our clients so that they can comply with their obligations before the tax authorities. Of course, all this information is private and can only be accessed by the client.

Identity verification

In accordance with regulations in force, in order to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism, we must verify the identity of each of our clients. Mati is a company with extensive experience in this field. It offers maximum privacy and security of the data of all clients.

Guarantee of digital payment methods

To operate with cryptocurrencies, we need an entity with an electronic money license, such as Pecunpay. Furthermore, this financial services company has payment gateway solutions. In this way, our clients have the capacity to manage their payment operations.

Fraud control and prevention

Merklescience is a partner to detect, prevent and investigate crime and questionable funds on the web3 that want to interact with our exchange. A guarantee for compliance with European fraud risk regulations and Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know-your-customer (KYC) and Combating the financing of terrorism (CFT) regulations.

Why do we choose these companies?

Their high-quality standards

They offer an incredible service. Therefore, we are always in a position to efficiently meet the needs of all our clients.

Their market experience

Having an extensive track record in the market is always a guarantee of success. It is important to consider that our colleagues call on their extensive experience, as well as the positive opinion of all the clients they work with.

Their security measures

Our partners, as well as guaranteeing the security of our clients’ data, have exceptional security measures in each of the services they offer. This is of the utmost importance, since, in this way, we trust them 100%.