Your safety is our priority

What is the key to success in cryptocurrencies? At Criptan, we know that security is fundamental, even more so in a digital environment. Therefore, our entire system is shielded to provide a reliable and stable environment.

You and only you

If it is not for you, it is not for anyone

We include sophisticated identification verification measures.

Access to state-of-the-art technology

We include a biometric identification system (fingerprint and facial recognition).

2 steps are better than one

We operate with double factor so you can access your account.

We don't just comply, we fight

We deal with any threat

We comply with international legislation on the prevention of terrorist financing and money laundering.

Quality guarantee

We have been awarded ISO certificates that verify the quality of our work.

Fraud is our enemy (scam)

We fight scams to foster safe spaces.

Maximum security for your money

Your assets, disconnected from any risk

Your cryptocurrencies will be stored in cold wallets, that is, in systems disconnected from the network.

Anti-hacking policy

We incorporate powerful firewalls and different layers of protection to your portfolio.

We never stop monitoring

We perform constant manual and automatic security analyses.

Always with you, at all times

A support team at your service

We will always be available for you by chat or e-mail.


We regularly strengthen the data protection of our clients’ data.

Anonymity and key encryption

Not even Criptan members will have access to your information.